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Simply having a Quality Assurance (QA) function or practice to ensure your application quality is not just enough. Inefficiently run software QA functions frequently turn out to have detrimental effects on not just the software applications being tested but on the functioning of the company as a whole. Testing and quality assurance functions should be run and conducted in a way to ensure peak efficiency and least overheads to deliver quality software as per customer needs and meeting business objectives.

IT organisations should partner with an experienced Software Quality Assurance team/ QA consultants to enable them to transform their QA process, test coverage into a high-powered, high-quality software delivery engine.
Software QA Consulting can help organisations to create an effective quality assurance process tailored to the specifics of your project or evaluate product quality and improve existing quality assurance processes.

Poor software quality
We design a comprehensive, systematic QA process to help you eliminate quality issues and bottlenecks.

Structural changes in the company
The team looks into legacy workflows and suggests how to best reshape them to fit into the transformed environment.

In-house QA underperformance
We review and fine-tune existing QA practices to ensure that quality requirements are met.

High testing costs
Our consultants optimize your spending on software QA without compromising on the quality or frequency of releases.

Adoption of new methodologies
We identify ways of retrofitting testing infrastructures in line with continuous testing, SAFe, Agile, and TDD practices.

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