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Successful digital transformations are driven by well-integrated, data-informed decisions, processes, and systems. To empower themselves in that direction, businesses need on-demand access to enterprise and line of business (LOB) data to make informed decisions.

Aggregating and presenting that data in user-friendly formats requires a strong business intelligence (BI) framework with flexible visualization capabilities.

Enterprise stakeholders – from sales and marketing, customer service, HR and finance, through to supply chain and manufacturing – must be able to identify and illustrate key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends to avoid missteps, as well as exploit opportunities. For data-driven organizations, interactive dashboards, self-service BI, and data analytics have become priority business tools.

Relevant and accurate data provide the building blocks for actionable insights, but are often scattered throughout an enterprise in siloed databases and systems. Organizations need to empower non-technical users with real-time information by integrating and converting this data into BI dashboards with intuitive graphics and user-friendly analytics tools.

BI’s Transformative Potential Gives Companies a Competitive Edge
Trianz has invested in creating one of the world’s largest database on digital transformations, with data from over 5,000 plus companies in 20 industries. We have spoken to business and IT leaders across the enterprise to understand what digitalization means to them, and how they strategize and execute their transformations.

The companies we call “digital champions” are investing in new analytics capabilities across the board. Business intelligence, and especially dashboard, are areas to which they dedicate their financial resources. With these significant investments into data visualization, digital champions are clearly prioritizing their potential to generate value for their customers, while also edging out their competitors.

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